Slow download speed from mounted IceDrive folder

Windows app V2.68

Downloading a 3 GB file results in varying speed. Between 2.77 MB/s and maximal 7 MB/s. the average looked to be around 3.5 MB/s.

Downloads of smaller files (photos & video clips) often stop with Error 0x800704D5
Before that speed is often ~3 bytes/s or zero for 3 seconds.

I am in New Zealand.
Speed test result to national Auckland server> down 36.5 MB/s (292 Mbps), up 11.8 MB/s (95 Mbps)
Speed test result to London UK server> down 24.75 MB/s (198 Mbps), up 2.25 MB/s (18 Mbps)
Speed test result to Portland Oregon server> down 20.1 MB/s (161 Mbps), up 4.87 MB/s (39 Mbps)

Downloading via web interface using zip’s, (10 GB - 100 GB I see speeds between 8-10 MB/s (80 Mbps)).

Any ideas what up with the slow download speed using mounted folder?

Hi Dan

Well it’s nice to know at least that you get such good speeds from NZ!

The difference between using the webapp and the mount app is there is a lot of caching and disk writing going on

Have you tried the portable app? It may be more suited for what you need if you are using 100GB+ files - It has excellent performance and the coming update will bring a lot more features

Hi @JimmyB,

NZ has ok infrastructure for tiny islands. :sunglasses:

To correct the misunderstanding, I do not have 100 GB+ files. (That big zip file was created by your web interface for me to be able to download a folder)
When I download a folder from mounted drive then it is slow. The folder have many file of sizes between 3 - 200 MB.

Where can I upload a logfile? The ticket system does not have this feature (#feature request!)

I have seen you mentioned to use v.270 - I will do. IceDrive just prompted me to install V2.68.
That happens usually when I reboot -which I don’t do daily.

Ah this makes a lot more sense now

The problem is explorer blocking

For example - Try to download 1,000 1KB files from the drive - it will take quite remarkably longer compared to single 1MB file even though its the same size

With the ZIP download, it was created by us so we did it a little more intelligently (We order by filesize and stream larger files first so it essentially buffers itself)

There are ways around this, we could create our own downloader on right click which bypasses explorer actions

For future reference - We have done this for uploads - When you right click → Send/Upload to Icedrive, it bypasses the windows epxplorer actions and uploads directly to Icedrive, it is much quicker!

And another alternative would be the new app we are working on :slight_smile: But it is heavily in beta at the moment - We are open to testers though!

I don’t get the “explorer blocking” reference and the example. Send me a source I can read up on if you like.

Your Downloader sounds great. I did not know about your uploader solution.
Beta tester, yup -can do. Also, send me a tester-task-list, and I’ll see if I can break it.

+rep on Mr.Bean in Groove street :laughing:

Windows Explorer - The OS, it will make a lot of IO operations when doing these things, especially if its lots of small files. For example it wont download multiple threads, it will cycle them one by one, because it thinks its a real HDD and performance / access shouldn’t really matter

The more Cache you use in the app the better though is it will speed everything up as it technically is on your HDD ready

To become tester, Request to join the beta group =)