Silly Quesion, how do I mount to an external hard drive?

I want to back up my Ice Drive cloud in full on an external drive.

How would do I go about setting this drive for this purpose?

The drive won’t be permanently plugged in, just when i’m home, will it auto sync once Ice Drive is opened?

Hey @TheROVER you can mount your drive app in the normal way and simply move files or copy/paste files from your cloud drive to your external drive provided the files systems are compatible. Sync would also work in the same way so set up a 2-way sync to a local folder which in this case would be the external drive folder to your cloud folder in the drive app. Ideally we would recommend firstly transferring to your local drive rather than an external drive as our drive app was not specifically designed to do this however we have had reports of some users being successful at doing this. Let us know if you run into any issues.

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