Sign out button

Is it possible to make a great (round) button on every page to sign out? Or may be better automatic sign out after some (programmable) minutes of rest.
I always forget to sign out! Stupid!
For the rest a very nice program for me!

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Hi @rjgs Welcome to the community :wave: I will pass this on to the dev team to consider.

I just opened up Icedrive by web page for the first time in a couple of weeks I think, and it was still logged in. I’d assume you’re just using a browser cookie for that? Bit of a security oversight if neither the cookie nor the server is set to expire a web login in a reasonable amount of time. That said, please devs, don’t do something horrible like set a 15 minute expiry now! :sweat_smile:


Hey @JD_Actual Thanks for the information. I’ll let the developers know so they can look in to it.

In the program: there is a AUTOMATIC Sign out after 1h and longer, you can set.

Please make the same possibility in Icedrive

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What did the developers say?

Still no automatic sign out