Sign in problem

For some reason, my password is not recognised even though it is stored in a password manager. To get around the problem, decided to change the password by using the Forgotten Password link but not receiving an email response despite the message ‘Email Instructions Sent’. Tried it a number of times with the same result.

I’ve managed to sign in now using my tablet.

Hey @spike glad to hear you’ve managed to login. A common issue when you’re not receiving the reset link is that the link has actually gone to your junk/spam folder in your emails. Let us know though either via support ticket, chat or community if you run into this issue again.

Thanks Chris. I tried a number of times and checked the spam and bin folders. However, when I used the tablet I received the email to reset the password on first attempt. I’m using Windows 11 om my PC and not experiencing any issues with emails except on this occasion.

Hi, Im sorry I am intersecting this conversation.

Currently, I’m facing exactly the same problem as spike’s - I was logged out, and my saved password on laptop is not recognized. I tried several possibilities and now I’m blocked for 30mins every 2 attempts, and I most likely have keyed in the correct passwords.

@Chris are you able to help look into it.
I have sent a message via the Contact Us page,
as I am unable to raise a ticket without logging in.
But I also wonder if their reply email might reach me…

I have checked through my spam, trash, and also email filtering rules.
I’m using Gmail on web browser, so it should be the same whether I use my laptop or tablet. Nonetheless, I tried the “Forget Password” again using my tablet’s icedrive app, and did not receive any email after a couple of hours still.

I also have set up a 2 factor Authentication using Google Authenticator,
but I dont see anywhere that I might be able to use it to prove my account ownership in this situation.

Thank you.

Thank you

Hey @hansen.soh the best thing to do would be to email if you’re not able to login as this goes directly to our dev team and we can look into it further for you.