Shorer URL for public share

I’ve tried to use Icedrive with my kindle and calibre to share .mobi files. With the "experimental navigator (Opera)) it’s not easy because the url is realy too long and a difficulty to enter in the “navigator”.
The other problem the kindle III navigator isn’t a modern navigator and with a directory shared it’s un readable and unusuable you don(t get the list of files. But if you have shrter url you may open directly files and it would be enough.

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Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into this for a future update.


You can shorten the URL yourself by using

I would recommend shortening your URLs for easier typing. Alternatively, you could create a PDF document containing multiple URLs for convenient downloading. If your device supports PDFs and can open links within them, it would streamline the process.

I think this trick is very smart … but a bit touchy to implement in Calibre recipe. I’ll try (but using an epub and not a pdf) when i find time to do it.