Sharing limits, bandwidth restrictions [Solved]

Hello everyone!

I hope I’ve filed this correctly, feel free to direct me to the correct spot if not.

The Situation
I maintain a small software in a zip-archive. it’s currently about 6GB in size and that means that most free file-sharing options are starting to become a unsuitable. I’m now looking for an easy way to share it with the userbase, to give you an idea, the last release was early September 2023 and we’re at around 8000 downloads total 3 months later. File size is likely to increase by 1-2 GB come summer.
At the same time I’m looking for some general, secure storage for my private files at the same time.

The Question
Accounts and features look very interesting and pricing is very competetive. However I don’t see info whether icedrive would be the right platform to host and share my files and if so which plan would allow me to do so. What are the file transfer limits for shared files per day/month? or is it a total data transferred limit? where does this limit currently stand? it states generous bandwidth but for example for a pro-account are we talking about 100GB/month or 2TB/month or 2TB/month but 1GB/day?

thank you for your time and your support in advance


Hey @parspro thanks for the question. The monthly bandwidth allowance on a 1TB pro account is 2TB per month. There isn’t a daily limit however if you exceed the 2TB allowance you will need to wait until it resets at the beginning of the month.

cheers. thank you for the quick reply.

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