Share Keepass database on encrypted folder

Would it be possible to make this work properly ?

Put a Keepass kdbx file (database) in the encrypted folder of Icedrive and access that same file from Keepass on iPhone as well as PC

It works from Apple iCloud storage but when I put it on Icedrive (encrypted folder or not ) Modifications don’t seem to show on my iPhone .

What is the difference with iCloud storage that it works there but not on Icedrive ? Or am I doing something wrong ?

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Hey @Fred thanks for the suggestion. I’ll put this to our dev team to consider for future updates.

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply ! Could you also answer the questions that I am asking ? And/or could you elaborate a little on what it is that would need to be developed that isn’t there currently ?


If you are on the windows desktop app, simply activate the sync folders in both directions.
You can sync with the encrypted folder.

For sync on your phone, there is many apps (KeepassDX, AuthPass, etc.) whose use webdav to sync database file exemple.kbdx. But webdav works only on normal cloud (not working on encrypted cloud, for security reasons i guess).

Your database keepass is already encrypted, so you can let it on your normal cloud icedrive and share it via weddav for your phone and sync all your devices (laptop, phones etc.).

Thanks Fredx. I tried that using Keepassium and Strongbox on my iPhone. Many times the sync did’t work or took a long time to sync which led to problems when several changes were made on both the phone and the PC side. With Apple iCloud this problem does not occurr.

NB: What I want to set up is to have the Keepass / Keepassium apps on iPhone as well as PC to only point to the file in the cloud so there is no local file. Again, this works on Apple iCloud and it would not need a sync to be set up. You are simply reading and writing to the file in the cloud.

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I tried this again today. I set up sync both ways to a local folder with the Keepass dbx (databse) file in it. This does not work. Changes made to the Keepass database are not replected in the apps on my iPhone and Windows. If I do the same on Apple’s iCloud drive this does work.

I would really like to use this on Icedrive as I would rather skip any Apple service. If there is a way to do this that would be great.

Would be an excellent feature for me too. So desktop KeePass is always in sync with KeePass Touch on IOS.

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you can use keeweb on your desktop (win, linux, apple) and save via webdav. Instead use AuthPass on your Iphone and sync on the same folder in webdav.

this is normally works.