Setting up Sync from Local to Cloud

Hi there, set up a new Sync in my Desktop app where I chose to Sync from my Local folder to my Cloud folder, i set it up as a One way Sync (Local to Cloud)

My aim is to have my Cloud folder identical to my Local Folder, and i set the interval to 30 minutes.

So far the Sync period is not working at my selected time of 30 minutes, and when it does sync, my Cloud folder is getting the new or changed files from my Local folder, but the Cloud folder is not deleting files that i deleted in my Local folder.

I want my Cloud folder to be identical to my Local folder every time a Sync occurs, but as you can see in the 3rd image, at my last Sync, the Cloud folder still has 3 files in it that i already deleted from the Local folder.


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Can someone please help me with this problem before i end up going back to Dropbox or some other alternative, i need this Syncing issue fixed, and i know that the problem might be my fault in the way that i have set this up, so any help is appreciated.


Your best option is to engage Icedrive support directly. You’ll likely get a faster response and can assess how well they address your needs.

Would you be able to submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and our development team will reach out to you as soon as possible to assist?

Ok i will try to email Support instead.