Server-side version restore

At approximately 22:21 Pacific time on 2023-03-16, thirteen files of mine (that I’ve found so far) all somehow became zero-byte files. I don’t typically deal in files with no contents, so I’m reasonably certain this wasn’t my doing. Not to worry, though! Version history exists and I can see that in the the span of two minutes these all took these new zero-byte versions–sometimes twice even.

However, from what I can tell there’s no way to look at one of those versions in version history and send a “restore this version” command. Instead, I have to download the file and manually cause it to transit via normal syncing, which involves a lot of down/up traffic and also introduces the possibility of user or technical errors along the way.

Can I request a Restore button for the version history view that will restore older versions as the current one?

Thank you!