Seeking Recommendations for Efficient File Management Tools

Hello All,
I’m currently in search of a reliable file management tool and thought this community would be the perfect place to seek recommendations. I work with a variety of files ranging from documents to multi-media, and I am looking for a solution that can streamline my workflow and ensure efficient organization.

Specifically, *I am interested in a tool that offers seamless synchronization across devices, robust file encryption for security, and perhaps some additional features like file versioning and collaborative capabilities. Affordability is also a key factor for me.

I have come across several options during my research, including Ice Drive, but I’d love to hear from those who have firsthand experience using it or other any simil;ar tools. What are your thoughts? Any recommendations or insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Leena Smith

Many of us have experienced issues, loss of data etc. because iceDrive is not compatible with several Windows apps (like Robocopy and more) and/or their own features are unstable.

Personally saw 15000 files turn to size zero, in a blink.

For along time they’ve promised a new version.

Whatever you decide to try, make sure you keep a safe copy of data elsewhere until confident that iceDrive works as you want, for an extended period of time.

Just my 2 cents.


Hi Spi,

Thanks for sharing your experience with Ice Drive. It’s concerning to hear about compatibility issues and data loss incidents. Your cautionary advice about keeping a safe copy of data elsewhere until confident in the tool’s reliability is duly noted. Given the importance of file management tools in my workflow, I’ll definitely take your insights into consideration. If anyone else has alternative recommendations or further insights on reliable file management tools, I’d greatly appreciate hearing them.

Leena Smith