Screen readability

I’m new at Icedrive, currently with a free account but I will need > 10Gb so if my experience is positive I intend to upgrade.

I’m using a browser interface, Mozilla 109 on Linux Mint 20.3. Generally impressed, BUT the screens are barely readable, at least to 70 year old eyes. The colour scheme of grey on white renders all text virtually illegible. I’ve looked for a settings option to change it, so far without success. Is there any way to to this? If not, it’s a pity such an impressive system is spoiled by such a basic flaw.

Apologies if this has been asked before, but searching for screen, colour, readability etc yielded no results.


Hey Peter,

I have noticed the theme is a little odd if the screen itself isn’t modern and perfect

We do have a dark theme in the works for the webapp (It’s already on portable app - give it a try!) which may help you. That said, the standard light theme in portable app may be easier on the eyes for you too

Hi, I have the same issue. The screen is so lite, I can barely see it. Isn’t that just a html style? I couldn’t find a theme in my web portal settings. Otherwise I’m very happy -

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Where do I find this dark theme?

In the Portable app, go to Settings → General → Dark mode

In the coming webapp update, darkmode will be based on OS darkmode settings :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m using a standard browser on the web to access icedrive. Looks like I’ll have to wait - I hope not too long. Peter

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Peter’s concern is valid. Almost none of the colors in the light theme pass WCAG AA criteria for color contrast. This is an accessibility issue for wide range of users and it would be nice if it was addressed.


Nice to hear that there is ongoing work towards a darker theme. I just signed up and immediately checked for appearance settings. Will stick around to wait for this feature. Just adding another vote for it.

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it would be great to be able to change the text appearance of the GUI to a heavier font weight. I do like the fine font (aesthetically) - but as I get older, my eyes would find a medium weight much easier … do find the fine text a little grey and occasionally have to resort to sticking my nose up against the screen and EVEN use a magnifying glass ha ha … apart from that, love Icedrive x

We have actually kept this thread in mind while designing our new UI for the upcoming mount app update. Looking forward to unveiling it :slight_smile:


Any ETA on when to expect this? I installed ID as a trial but it (the mount app) was the only program on my computer without a dark mode and it bothers me

Haha, we will include darkmode in the new app in the case. More info has been posted recently

I wish the typeface on icedrive could be heavier … it is ultralight which makes screen definition poor for older eyes and short sightedness. Causes a lot of eye and brainstrain lol x

Hear here! I rai
sed this as a concern several months ago but nothing seems to have happened