Retry on Error

When an error occurs while uploading a file on the IceDrive Desktop App, it displays a red error message/badge where it lists all the failed upload of files.

But what happens after that?

The file I dragged into the mounted drive is now on it but not uploaded to the cloud. How do I let the app retry the upload? There is no button for it. It very well could be that the App retries it automatically after some time but there is no clear communication on that so the user is left confused what happened / will happen to their file.


I also have some work-arounds in mind to restart the transfer but thats not the point.

I have also thought of a more severe case: If you cut a file (STRG+X) and paste it in the drive, and suddenly an error would be to occur, and then you unmount and remount the drive, then the file is completely lost forever.

This is besides a bug report also more of a feature request. The user should not worry if the file is indeed uploaded now and should not have to think about work-arounds on how to get the app to restart the transfer in case of errors. The transfer should simply be retried and if this fails, a retry button should be available.

Hey @SlateDave if you suspect that errors are occurring during uploads to the drive app could you submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and a member of our dev team will investigate and be in touch with you?

Also, if you could email the drive app log to that would be really helpful.

Sure! I’ll do that next time an error occurs. But still my points holds. I’d be nice if there was a way to retry once an error (regardless of what reason) occured.

A retry button is a good idea so I’ll forward your suggestion to our dev team for consideration in future updates.

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What is the status of this? It’s not everything I need but would make my life easier.

Yes this retry button is a must, when will it be implimented?

Hey @lb2022 it is currently being considered, among a number of other features for future implementation so unfortunately we’re not able to put a time frame on this just yet.