Resume transfers


It would be nice to be able to resume transfers (upload/download) or alternatively to skip files already copied (skip, skip all), a bog standard functionality in most OSes.

This is particularly important since there is a daily download cap!

At the moment if you have a directory with thousands of small files that you are trying to transfer, if there’s a network glitch or you need to stop the transfer you will have to start from scratch!

If a command line savvy user could mount Icedrive (RCLONE) and list the files already copied and even better, calculate hashes/cksums to then only copy the remaining files, it would be a lot of work but that would be a workaround which at the moment just does not exist at all (Web Browser or App).


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Hey @patrick thanks for the suggestion. This has been requested before so is definitely being considered for future updates. There isn’t a daily download cap unless you are referring to WebDAV which can result in rate limiting if too many requests are made within short succession?

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Hi @Chris,

To illustrate the issue, i’ve got a folder >200GB, when i try to download it there is a warning message “Zip size exceeds plan quota of 100GB”.

Note that the resume transfer should be high in your priorities because there are no alternatives i.e. i cannot select several folders/files to adjust my transfer to something under 100GB.

*** Transfer - Warning ****

*** Impossible - Check size of several files/folders ***


Thanks for the additional information. This cap is actually imposed by the browser itself and is something that we’re not able to control unfortunately. You should be able to download however using one of our apps such as the desktop client/drive mounted app for Windows or the portable app for MacOS and Linux.

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