Restart Computer During Transfer

Hello, on the Windows desktop app, I was in the middle of uploading a folder with several subfolders (about 500gb), but I had to restart my computer. I tried pausing the upload, but this message still came up, and I clicked “Restart anyway,” but now it looks like it is not going to finish the upload.

Do I understand that correctly? If I restart, Icedrive does not “pick up” where it left off?

Unfortunately if you restart your computer whilst the app is uploading it will fail the transfer so it would need to begin again. The new drive app will have a pause and resume feature and will also make it easier to retry uploads if they fail. Have you seen the sneak preview of our new app which will soon be available for beta testing?

Hi @Chris, thanks for responding. Is there an estimated date of release? Right now, in all honesty, I have no confidence with the fundamental functionality of the app, very much regret my purchase. Basic, core features (i.e. uploading files) don’t even seem to work. I just want to get files in the cloud, and it doesn’t seem possible without untraceable errors. I hope the future version is able to manage a drag-and-drop of a folder with subfolders and thousands of files without issue. I apologize for the negative comments.

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I completely understand your frustration which is why we’re working very hard to redevelop the drive app and address the issues and concerns that have been raised. We’re hoping to have it ready for beta testing in the next couple of months.

Hi @Chris, thanks for your response. While I’m upset about the existing flaws of the app, I appreciate the responsiveness of the team and feel better knowing there is a redevelopment in progress. Right now, in all sincerity, I cannot recommend Icedrive, but I hope for that to change with the upcoming improvements.

When this rolls out, will there be a log that shows successes and failures of each file and folder? For me, this is now the only thing that would give me any sort of confidence in the app. It would have to be able to be exported to Excel, for the sake of reviewing, filtering, and sorting each success and failure for review.

There would also have to be a way to “retry” failures within the Icecloud app. The app itself would keep a running list of failures, and I would need to be able to just push a button for the retry, as well as select which files to retry, or which to skip.

Looking forward to the rollout. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Check out the sneak preview our dev team have recently released showcasing some of the new drive app Dev Diary 03 - Mount V3.