[Resolved] Duplicates in same folder

I was trying to move in the webapp one folder that had many similar files (same name) into another folder which already contained some of those files. I was expecting to receive warnings to replace the files, but the files just copied.
Now I have several files with the same filename (only different dates) on the same folder. This is definitely not a normal file system procedure.

How do I dedupe these, now??

Hey @beegarc thanks for making us aware of this potential bug. Our dev team may need to look into this further so would it be possible for you to submit a support ticket Login - Icedrive and email any screenshots you have to support@icedrive.net?

Hey @beegarc

This is most definitely a bug and we will work on this. I just managed to reproduce it myself

In the meantime, you are trying to recover the files in the mount app which consolidates same file names to be compliant with windows

However, if you use the webapp you will see the duplicates and be able to recover them

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This has been fixed

Now, this operation isnt possible. If you are trying to do it in UI apps like webapp, android etc it will not complete the move

In apps like the Mount app, you will be prompted that item exists and if you would like to overwrite or skip



Thanks for this.

However, that is obviously a removal of functionality, not really a fix.
I am using Linux, so the only way I can solve this is via webdav and a duplicate finder, which is really annoying.

Hope this does get fixed in the future, should really be a funcionality on the webapp (though I am guessing if no one complained yet, it is not really thought after).