Required features

  1. need more demo video of each feature in icedrive youtube channel , how to use it , specially for sync feature in pc

  2. please ,in Encrypted drive , implement Thumbnail view for images and video and give option wether we want thumbnail or not

  3. in Encrypted drive , implement share files link or give feature to transfer data from encrypted drive to normal drive or vise versa (so when we want to share file link ,we transfer file from encrypted to normal drive, then we can share )

  4. in video player - while streaming give an option to decrease or increase quality of video

  5. must introduce a 500gb plan

  6. feature - " add a test file " option

  7. dark mode option for web

Please don’t change its ui , I’m using icedrive only for its ui and simple , minimalistic look

Hey @Arrow Welcome to the community! Thank you for the feedback. This will all be passed on to the development team for consideration. In regards to the demo videos, we are planning to introduce “How To” videos on our channel in the future so please stay tuned for that.

HI @Tom

I think it would be good to have a 3 TB plan.



@Coops We have a 3TB Lifetime plan available here :slightly_smiling_face:

@Tom It would be great if this was it was on a yearly or monthly?

I was considering a 1TB lifetime when I originally signed up but this option seems to have dissapeared recently?

@cedge We have discontinued our 1TB Lifetime plans sorry.

I actually sent an e-mail to support asking about a 1TB Lifetime plan. It is too bad that this does not exist any longer. As I would have liked to upgrade the Black Friday purchase I did from 150GB to 1TB. What is the reason for cutting it?

It would be very helpful to be able to copy and paste files and folders inside the drive to other folders. I sometimes need to create short-lived custom folders for students with content from other folders. Once they have been used, they get deleted. Having tried to do it, I found that I had to do this on my computer rather than in the drive itself, which required all sorts of downloading/uploading which wouldn’t have been an issue if I could copy and paste in the drive. Please think about adding this feature. Many thanks