Request New features

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if I am in the right room, but I would like to request two features if possible:

a) to have a log of events (for example, when we add a file for sharing, when a download is made, when it is deleted, created, updated)
It is very important especially when we have shared examples and want to control the number of downloads.

b) The other functionality is, as we can create an upload page, we can create a folder to receive email attachments.
In short, we could create an email of the type nameChoose. that when you send an email with attachments or other (images in the body text etc) be placed and files.
A concurrente of icedirve has this, but I love icedrive (congratulations development team)

Note: the domain is free and you don’t have to use your main domain subject to spam etc.

Best regards

Welcome to the community @AlvaroTeixeira :wave:

a) I’ll pass this over to the dev team for consideration :slightly_smiling_face:

b) We have a request file feature available, but we will have enhanced collaboration features coming very soon! To request a file, simply right click on one of your folders on the webapp and click request file.

P.S I have moved this post over to “Feedback & Suggestions”

Thank you for feedback

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