(request) Linux support for syncing

I use Icedrive primarily as an automatic backup solution, but currently the Sync app doesn’t support Linux (the portable app does, but doesn’t provide sync functionality). Sometime over the two years I’m planning on switching 100% to Linux, and will unfortunately have to stop using Icedrive, which is a shame because I’ve really been liking Icedrive so far.

Since the portable app already supports Linux, it’d be great if the Sync app did as well. Alternatively, first-class FTP (or similar) support would allow for existing 3rd party apps to be used with the service which might be a more attractive option for the dev team.


Don’t worry, it’s coming soon!

@Dr_Quantum is correct, we are actually in the process of redeveloping our drive app for Windows which will then be ported over to Mac and Linux. We released our initial beta test on the Windows version a little while ago and have just released our initial beta test for Mac. Linux is coming soon.


Awesome! Best of luck to you and your team

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i am eager waiting for this!

For me, this would also be the crucial feature to start using icedrive.

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Indeed! I exclusively use Linux, Windows is for compatibility needs.
Therefore, we must understand the market share of the Windows platform makes it a prominent priority in a lucrative development process.

Hi all,
As a heads up, the Windows app (2.72) with sync functionality plays nicely with Wine in Linux

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