Remote folder no longer exists or is not accessible (/books). Unable to sync

I’m getting the error “Remote folder no longer exists or is not accessible (/books). Unable to sync”.
The folder was previously syncing just fine but has stopped syncing after a reboot. There’s still over 500GB left to upload.
The folder /books 100% exists.
I tried turning off Windows Firewall, but the error remains.
The folder, or files in it, are not encrypted.
What might be the problem?

Hi @venuslocal

This error indicates that that the sync pair has exceeded the maximum number of items allowed for a single sync pair which currently stands at 150,000 items. You will need to recreate the sync pair ensuring that the number of items for any single sync pairing does not exceed that amount.

This is only temporary whilst we work on an all-new sync mechanism that will instantly detect & upload new files/folders and fix many of the issues present in the current sync app. The new app will also not have this limitation and allow you to Sync any number of files and folders.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding this.

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@Tom Thanks. I look forward to the improvements to the sync app.

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I enquired about this same message a few weeks after it started appearing on my syncs and I was also told that it is “temporary”. That was March 9th 2023. So i wouldn’t count on it getting fixed any time soon. At least it would be nice if the error message was “maximum permitted sync is 150,000 items” rather than scaring people by telling them their folder no longer exists.


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@dionea I agree, the error message is entirely unhelpful. I’ve decided to upload using WebDav and I hope it helps.

Why has this not been fixed yet? - Over a year?

Is there any news about this error?

I thouth my computer was completely sure with the sync of my computer and yesterday I saw that it wasn’t like this. It wasn’t doing the sync because this error.

I tried to make different sync of different folders if this was the solution. But the maximum folders to syncs is 15 folders…

How can you manage this? Upload the files manually?

Many thanks for your help and attention,