Recent files - behavior on iPhone iOS app

So I find the ‘Recent’ files section in the iPhone app a bit unintuitive, as it will show the recent files → but sort them in an alphabetical order.
I think it doesn’t really make sense because when a user goes specifically into the recent section, the goal is to filter and see the recent files sorted by their upload/modified date, and not show the recent files in an alphabetical order.

Ofcourse one could change the sorting option to view files by date, but that setting is set for the whole view of the app, where there you would actually want an alphabetical order.

My suggestion/request would be to make the recent files view always just show files by their most recent upload date, OR make the sorting specifically different for general view and the recent view.

On the web it behaves properly, so maybe just implementing the same exact thing would be the most simple to do

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion @icedriver I will pass this on to the dev team to look into. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @icedriver thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I know updating our mobile apps is a big priority for our dev team so this will be really helpful :).