rclone rate limited

Hi All

Does anyone know how long these restrictions last for?

@matty_boy I get rate limited within 2-3 minutes of usage at minimal settings. Sadly WebDav is unusable for me


I was using icedrive for Joplin but apparently I’ll go back to onedrive for now

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Yeah, if this isn’t fixed very quickly, I am moving to somewhere else. And I just got a subscription solely to have more storage for WebDAV…

Dear all,

Any news or workaround on this subject? I didn’t find any on my side.

I have the same problem as everyone else. This needs to be resolved.

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Same here, in the begin of my subscription it worked well, but now i can’t come around these 429 errors. I am using rclone and joplin. In the current state icedrive has become useless for me, since i only use linux and picked icedrive for the webdav support. But i hope that issue could be solved.