rclone rate limited

Hi All

Does anyone know how long these restrictions last for?

@matty_boy I get rate limited within 2-3 minutes of usage at minimal settings. Sadly WebDav is unusable for me


I was using icedrive for Joplin but apparently I’ll go back to onedrive for now

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Yeah, if this isn’t fixed very quickly, I am moving to somewhere else. And I just got a subscription solely to have more storage for WebDAV…

Dear all,

Any news or workaround on this subject? I didn’t find any on my side.

I have the same problem as everyone else. This needs to be resolved.

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Same here, in the begin of my subscription it worked well, but now i can’t come around these 429 errors. I am using rclone and joplin. In the current state icedrive has become useless for me, since i only use linux and picked icedrive for the webdav support. But i hope that issue could be solved.

Hey all, we just wanted to let you all know that we’ve made some tweaks to WebDAV and have doubled the rate limit and number of connections to alleviate some of the request errors you’ve been receiving. We can still tweak it further so please let us know if you’re still experiencing these issues.

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Still experiencing issues. Restic is now stuck at ‘open repository’.

Tried to copy a directory with rclone. Got stuck.

Was able to create directories and touch a file though.

It’s nice to see there’s response to our problems.

So far I seem to have no issues with my nightly backup with rclone using --tpslimit 1. If there’s error output it is sent to me but there don’t seem to be errors.
When I run the script manually during the day so I can see a verbose output I get rate limited. It looks like it can finish though.

I don’t really know how rate limiting works technically and how rclone deals with it so can’t comment on that.

@koen I’m interested to know at what hours (GMT) backup seems to work for you.

@rcloner Unfortunately I seem to have introduced an error in my cron mailing after a change. The errors did not get mailed to me and the indication that nightly hours might work doesn’t hold.

Edit: actually the error message was too big to send and that gave the error. I was using the -vv option



Since the new change, I can’t even copy using WebDAV.
Doing a command like :

rclone copy srcfile “Icedrive:/“

It simply gives me the famous Rate limited error immediately.
It used to work fine even though sometimes i would get Rate limited but it usually goes away at some point, now it’s permanent. It’s like I’m perma-banned from WebDAV which I hope I’m not.

I need WebDAV because there isn’t any other way to sync my tiny files that I usually change a lot on my external HDD. So I use rclone sync or Sync Folders Pro on my MacBook.

But now, I can’t do any of this when It used to work great. :frowning:

Thank you so much!

Latest backups running rclone with:

rclone --bwlimit 1M --tpslimit 1 --transfers 1 --checkers 1

Still getting the error.

Maybe this has something to do with it:

Any news on this subject ?

I still get the error 429 with rclone, also. (with options --tpslimit 1 --transfers 1 --checkers 1)
I gave up the plan to sync joplin to icedrive . Instead of this, i run my own webdav server now and upload frequently the complete dump with the browser.
I also upload the rclone folder from time to time with the browser since i am not sure if all the files have survived the sync process with all the 429 errors undamaged.
In contrast to the rclone experience the browser upload is very fast but it takes a very long time due to large foldersize.

Hi, unfortunately this new config is not enough and it still stuck in the 429 error with rate limited. I use webdav just for joplin sync -a note app- on desktop and mobile device
@Chris #bug-reporting

Hey all, we’re sorry that you’re still running into these rate limit issues. We’re working on some big changes which although may take a little time to implement are definitely on the way.


I everyone. Same 429 random issues, using cloudSync from Synology NAS - WebDav. Tried so many things, lower speed, parallel requests… there is no equivalent for a --tpslimit there.

Issue comes in some files being “banned”. Generally small files (100k…).
Put everything on hold for one week, then restart the sync… no change. Some files (like 5 over about 90k files) are still blacklisted.

I can upload then through web, but this is not the concept of back-end sync !

  • my NAS still tries to sync these files, because it is in its todo list (retry…)

The only way out is to periodically check, find the “faulty” files and rename them… and it goes ok !
This is mad…

I purchased a 3TB lifeplan… after testing with success the sync on some folders.
I opened 3 tickets, all being “escalated” and being closed by “time out”
Now I really get concerned about this rate limit/forever blacklists. Thinking about looking for another provider… but i eat my finger about that amount of semi-wasted money

I was thinking about rclone geeker option… but this seems not to be solving the issue neither.

Take care you all…

/crossing fingers for proper service

Still no news on this topic after 5 months. Any hope to solve this issue?