Random Ideas I Had to Possibly Improve Icedrive


I am a short term IceDrive user who got the Pro 1 Lifetime plan!

I just have a short list of ideas that could possibly improve the quality of IceDrive in the future!

Keep in mind, I am not familar with any dev previews or betas, this is just based on my first month with IceDrive. I also really like the service, and do not want to come off as snarky. I could not come close to making a quality app like IceDrive if I tried.

Anyway, here are some features that would be appreciated. For context, I use IceDrive on my PC to backup all Steam screenshots and on my phone as my main photo backup solution.

  1. Task manager.
    It would be cool if IceDrive had a list of every upload from the last (insert amount of time) that could be tracked by the user. Rather than just being a mobile notification saying IMG_File uploaded or Error: uploading IMG_File, it would be more convenient if the user could track all automatic uploads off of the phone’s gallery with a task viewer. This way if a picture failed to upload. You could easily prompt a retry in the app. When I have gotten occasional errors for IMG_32492_20424, I have to hunt down that image and manually upload it from the files, which is time consuming and not as easy.

  2. Improved UI for photos/videos/audio
    If IceDrive had a spot where I could see just my photos with the dates segementing them (similar to pCloud or Google Photos formatting of photos), that would be neat. I know photos aren’t everyone’s main thing, but that is exclusively what I back up to IceDrive as of August 2023. If I could see a more user friendly interface versus clicking on a folder for a specific day within the upload folder that would be appreciated. This same logic could work for videos/audio/documents, or whatever common types of files there are.

  3. OSM Integration.
    I use Aves Gallery because my photos get geo-tagged with coordinates that show me where they were taken. This displays real nicely on OSM, which is integrated into the app. If IceDrive could implement OSM (which is the best privacy friendly maps service imo), that would be an awesome way to add more details and context to each video/photo. I don’t know if IceDrive would need to re-program things to include the backup of EXIF data because I’m not that smart, but I love that part of photos.

Anyways, that’s my little list of ideas I had to possibly improve IceDrive. Again, I am not a skilled software engineer or programmer, and I know any change is a lot of work. These are just some cool improvements I was thinking about.

Thanks for reading!

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Howdy. While I am not a staff, I do remember reading that they are building an entirely new app for PC! It supposedly is going to fix the UI issues and wishes that would help you. I am not sure if these updates come with mobile updates too, however.

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@cadebirb is correct, we’re actually in the process of our initial beta test for the new drive app for Windows and we’re collating all the feedback. Thanks @Thulian for the detailed additional feedback, we’ll certainly take your comments into consideration.

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Same for me here: using Icedrive mainly to back-up photos and videos. Often having troubles uploading large number of assets and investigating which assets were not uploaded in the end.

Besides that, I would also really love the pCloud feature to be able to filter images/videos based on year, month, or other tags (custom or people tag). Folder structure could actually just become an old memory if you could also implement an album/collection feature. Then, next level would be to have an AI face recognition helping us to help us with this process automatically during or after upload.