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Came back from a holiday to find that a large bulk of my local files had been deleted. Ice drive log seems to show that deletion had been detected, however I hadn’t touched the files it was deleting. Folders remained completely intact, and some files were left untouched, so I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

What’s scary is that, because it is a two way sync the deletion was synced across all my back-ups. Normally I would have picked this up, but I was on holiday so didn’t see it happen.

Luckily I was able to restore from IceDrive trash, so I don’t know how much if anything I’ve lost.

I’ve also kept my old idrive account, so I should be safe for the bulk of my files.

I’ve changed the deletion policy and have setup versioning to local backup with FreeFileSync. But this scared the bajeezus out of me. I’m still trying to establish where the fault originated.

Perhaps there should be a feature that enables verification before IceDrive wipes a certain amount of files/data?

Hey @andrewfelix thanks for getting in touch. Could you create a support ticket via Login - Icedrive so that I can escalate to our dev team to investigate further? Would it also be possible for you to email the drive app log to support@icedrive.net referencing your ticket number to aid our dev team in their investigation?

You can access the drive app log via the following pathway;


Is there an update on this case? I’d like to know what’s the issue because it’s kind of concerning. I’m looking to purchase one of the Black Friday plans mainly as a backup storage and an (allegedly) random deletion issue like this is something I’d like to know if it’s fixed or not

Hey bud,

I’ve been flat out and haven’t had a chance to check the log files. So I can’t confirm whether is was my local backup (freefilesync) or Icedrive that deleted the files. Given I’ve never had an issue with my local backup and the other issues I’ve had with Icedrive, I’m inclined to think it’s Icedrive.

I really like Icedrive, so I’m going to stick with it. But I’ve had to setup some local versioning mitigation, just in case it happens again.

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Thanks for the response. Could you elaborate on what other issues you’ve had with Icedrive?

I have 1-5 minute interval backup set up. Sometimes Icedrive would ignore changes and not upload newer files. Would sometimes have to restart the app to get it to recognise changes.

Changing folder structure in the online dashboard would not always be exactly mirrored on the local drive.

Not deal breakers, but a little disconcerting.

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