Privacy Trust, Custody of User Data

Today in my email I got a notification about Ice Drive instituting broad files scanning to comply with EU Article 13. Perhaps this was an old thread, but an IceDrive rep in the thread alluded to Article 13 being a Europe-wide policy. How does IceDrive’s plan to relocate to Gibraltar circumvent this? Frankly, I’d rather close my account than run the risk of my personal files EVER being scanned, let alone stored in some corporate database.

Files added to the crypto folder, are these EVER scanned? How about when they’re deleted–are they then scanned in the Trash? How dystopian private citizens even have to ask these questions. I guess it’s back to self-custody of data. We don’t own our private data, thoughts… if governments can pass legislation to require interception, scanning, and collection of our data. And so long as the technology exists to do so, eventually it WILL be abused. Either directly by corporations and governments or indirectly by ever-more-sophisticated corporate database hacks.

Just stunning we’re now having this conversation. IceDrive, please respond so your customers can decide for ourselves how to proceed.


Abe, that’s a good question :smiley: When you use your encrypted folder your files are encrypted client-side so there’s no way that they can be scanned once encrypted :+1:t5: The question that has to asked is, will the IceDrive software tour using whether it be the mobile app or desktop app etc ‘scan’ your file before it is encrypted? :wink: And if that’s the case, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have a great weekend :facepunch:t5:


Thanks for the reply. I understand IceDrive’s crypto folder is supposed to be 0KE2EE, but that I know, the software is proprietary, not open source, so it might be possible to first “filter” files on clients’ machines through their scanning system before encrypting and uploading. This is the fundamental problem with closed source encryption software. One doesn’t know what’s truly happening under the hood.

Moreover, what about files in the crypto folder sent to Trash? Are they scanned en route to or in the trash? Where, exactly, is this scanning mechanism taking place?

I bypassed pCloud to avoid these draconian, Orwellian shenanigans. Irate now I’ve got volumes of files in IceDrive’s cloud I have to ask these absurd questions and look for an alternative cloud that doesn’t treat me like a criminal or a juvenile.

IceDrive, please respond.

We can assure you nothing is scanned either before, during or after transfer/encryption, your data security is our highest priority. This is the reason we opted for zero-knowledge encryption as our encryption method. It is also the reason why we opted to move our operations to Gibraltar. Only public share links are scanned for things that would potentially breach either our TOS or DMCA policy regarding the distribution of copyrighted material such as movies etc. If you have any further question please feel free to email

Afternoon Chris :smiley: Thanks for response sir, hope your well? It would be nice if you were open source but as we all know that doesn’t prove anything. I believe what would put a majority of your users at ease would be an audit from a reputable company (not going to name any names) :wink:

I have supported IceDrive from it’s infancy and believe the UK does need a cloud company :smiley:

You and the team keep up the good work, have a great day.

Binary0’s&1’s :pray:t5:

Thanks for the reply, Chris. From what you’ve shared, it follows that subscribers like me who NEVER share links will never have our files scanned. Very good to know.

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