Privacy and Consumer Confidence, Questions

Three questions for the Icedrive Management Team:

  1. When will you decide where you’re relocating your business to protect customers’ privacy from the new UK anti-privacy laws?
  2. Can Icedrive initiate a canary alert so that if an authority demands access to customers’ files, the broader Icedrive community can learn about this? This way we’d all be empowered to make decisions for ourselves about how to respond.
  3. Can Icedrive integrate a checksum into its cloud management system so users can be confident the files we upload are the same as the files on our local machines?

Thanks for letting us know


I actually have the very same question about number 1. I’ve lived in the UK for quite a long time the privacy laws are something that never left a nice taste in my mouth. Transparency regarding that would be ideal.


We’ve already made the decision on where we are going to relocate. More info on this to come soon.


That sounds good! trust is the most important thing

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Wonderful! Looking forward to learning where.

OK, does this mean Icedrive will relocate their business to a more privacy friendly governed region or country ?

Would this eliminate this privacy unfriendly scanning as described in the privacy policy ?

Upload Filters & File Hashing

As per EU directive “Article 13” we have implemented upload filters which calculate the unique hashes of each plain file (i.e. not zero-knowledge encrypted) to identify possible copyright infringement. Reported file hashes are also stored in our database which aids to build & collect information on infringing data and activity.

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IceDrive, can you provide clarification? We read on your other social media pages that in response to the British anti-privacy regulations, you were moving to Gibraltar. Are you saying these Europe-wide new regulations apply also to your new site in Gibraltar? Thanks for clarifying.

Also, what are our options to NOT have our private data scanned? If we add files to the crypto folder, are the files scanned at ANY POINT? Are files we delete/add to trash scanned? Furious I even have to ask, but I appreciate a frank reply.

Many of us want to know this, too, Fred.

Ok Abe understood, I am thinking of moving my data . Not that I have anything special in storage but the idea that everything is being checked and tracked is not a very private feeling

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Well my fellow Icedrive members… It looks like Icedrive is not in a hurry answering this question, or am I misunderstanding something here ?

Gibraltar is a self-governing British overseas territory so exists outside of both UK and EU legislation. No files are scanned and if you’re using the encrypted section it’s impossible as we use zero-knowledge encryption so the files are encrypted locally on your device before uploading to the cloud (meaning that only you could ever access). Privacy and data security are our highest priority, this is why we made the decision to relocate our operations to Gibraltar.


Very good news about Gibraltar’s legal obligations (RE EU laws). Elsewhere you also shared files that are never shared also aren’t scanned. Thanks for reassuring your paying customers.

Do you feel safer entrusting your data to IceDrive, Fred? I didn’t know Gibraltar was an independent (of UK & EU) legal jurisdiction. Nor did I know IceDrive scans ONLY publicly shared files (link shared with others). These two make me feel more secure. How about you?

Thanks for asking Abe. No, I did not know that about Gibraltar either. The scanning is definately not good if you like privacy but the good part is the encrypted folder. If you upload that from your iPhone you will have to deal with Apple’s client side scanning but that is for another forum or community.

Is Icedrive moving to Gibraltar (and when?) and does that mean they will decommission the scanning ?

By the way: I realised that all Cloud storage providers in the EU have to comply to these rules (laws?) so … You can run but you can’t hide…

Superfluously: Of course there is nothing to hide here. They always ask you that when it comes to privacy: What do you have to hide? Well… The first question everyone should ask first is: Why the &^%@( are Big tech companies subjecting us to this mass surveillance ? That is a much much more relevant question than asking what Fred from Holland has to hide on his PC file backup.

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Agreed 100%, Fred. And why are citizens allowing their supposedly “democratic” governments to enact these legislations? Watch Germany’s legislative fight to pass a nationwide statute that enshrines the RIGHT to encryption. Wonder how that would work with the EU’s Article 13.

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That is interesting news from Germany Abe.
Why are citizens allowing this is an interesting question. I am not sure but I think they are all scared of “being a person that had something to hide”. We can always ask them why they do not walk around naked… if there is nothing to hide, right ?

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