Privacy and Consumer Confidence, Questions

Three questions for the Icedrive Management Team:

  1. When will you decide where you’re relocating your business to protect customers’ privacy from the new UK anti-privacy laws?
  2. Can Icedrive initiate a canary alert so that if an authority demands access to customers’ files, the broader Icedrive community can learn about this? This way we’d all be empowered to make decisions for ourselves about how to respond.
  3. Can Icedrive integrate a checksum into its cloud management system so users can be confident the files we upload are the same as the files on our local machines?

Thanks for letting us know


I actually have the very same question about number 1. I’ve lived in the UK for quite a long time the privacy laws are something that never left a nice taste in my mouth. Transparency regarding that would be ideal.


We’ve already made the decision on where we are going to relocate. More info on this to come soon.


That sounds good! trust is the most important thing

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Wonderful! Looking forward to learning where.