PLEASE allow selection of more than one folder when 'adding folders' to IceDrive

IceDrive team,
PLEASE allow for adding multiple folders when transferring files to my IceDrive. When I select ‘Add New’ and then ‘Upload Folder’, your web app only allows me to select ONE folder at a time. That’s very restrictive. Almost everyone has many many folders to synch. Unless I want to select the parent folder and include ALL sub folders, I literally have to do dozens of transfers to get all my folders over. Is this correct or am I missing a feature that allows me to select more than one folder??

If not this is very much of a problem because most transfers are going to include multiple folders. If I want to exclude just one folder from a transfer, I can’t use the parent folder and have to do each sub folder individually?

Please help!

If you’re using a Windows computer and the web app you can drag and drop multiple folders using ctrl + click on folders to drag to the app to upload simultaneously. This will include any sub-folders present within the upload. To check the progress of the upload via the web app simply click the status circle in the bottom right. If you’re using the drive mounted app/desktop client you can click the transfers tab in the desktop client to check on the progress of your transfers.

Regarding the sync feature in the drive app in particular if you want to exclude a file or folder please see below instructions;

You can exclude a folder from syncing by creating an empty file named “.icedriveignore” inside this folder.
As a result, this folder will not be uploaded or downloaded.
You can create this file in both local and remote folders - the result will be the same.

You can exclude a file from syncing (which means no upload or download) if you create a file named “.icedriveignore.[filename]” in the same folder as the target file.
For instance, to exclude “textfile.txt” from syncing, create an empty file named “.icedriveignore.textfile.txt” in the same folder.