Please add more robust information on your filet transfer screens

I think the product is great, but just missing a more robust interface that provides more information as to what is going on.

For instance, with the desktop app, when a sync is requested, the only option a user has is to click on ‘log’ which simply shows % complete and number of files in total being transferred. Most sync apps will show a list of all files that will be transferred, those completed, a percentage complete, and just much more at the filename level as to what is going on.

You interface seems to be designed for very low knowledge users while more advanced users want to be able to see which files your system has selected for transfer, and specifically where it is in the progress of those transfers. Particularly if the sync has run before. If running a sync again, the system is only going to transfer the files that have changed since the last sync and/or delete the files no longer on the source side of the sync from the target.

Any advanced user really needs to see the files your system has selected to transfer/update and delete on the target side. If for instance, I’ve deleted a folder and created some important new work on my source system and start a new synch, I can’t first see which files your scan has selected for transfer or deletion. This is REALLY important for users. To see a list of proposed transfers/updates and deletions BEFORE clicking start to a sync. This brings peace of mind that your system scanned and selected the files we expected and lets us know the right files will be saved.

The only way to confirm now is to wait until the sync completes, then navigate to the Icedrive target folders and look to see if the new files are there. It would be a huge user advantage to be able to see this list prior to clicking the final sync button.

Thank you.

Are you referring to the sync feature specifically in the drive app/desktop client where you create a specific sync pair between a local folder and a cloud folder or do you mean uploading a folder/file to the drive app manually? If this is the case you can simply click the transfers tab in the desktop client and this will display a list of all the ongoing transfers and their progress.