Please add caption or subtitle support to media player

I love overall Icedrive UI/UX product, from Mobile, Desktop, Portable, and Web app it feels slick, clean, and intuitive.

Do you guys have any plan to improve media player further?
for example:

  • adding caption/subtitle support
  • resolution quality while streaming
  • rotate to landscape in mobile app

The development focus right now is currently on the new drive mounted apps/sync for Linux, MacOS and Windows however improvements to our media player is certainly something we’re looking explore more in the future.

Thanks for the reply Chris.
That’s understandable since apps/sync is bread of butter cloud storage.
Would love to hear more what you guys doing, do you have dev blog or something that I could follow?

We don’t have a dev blog available just yet however we do post dev logs on current development projects on our community pages as well as changelogs on the website. Changelog - Icedrive