Photo ID Front Facing on Folders

Hey Team. I know you’re busy building, so you can put this on the bottom of the “to do” list, if you’re even interested.

I’m currently scanning almost 2k slides from the 1970’s - 80’s (yeah, I’m old) and many more family photos from as far back as the 1800’s and through the present. That’s a lot of holidays, birthdays, reunions with family, ancestry, etc.

When I find a loose photo that belongs with some event, such as a yearly holiday, opening different folders to find the one the photo belongs to is a guessing game. Having one photo facing from each folder would quickly identify the event. And yes, I do use dates in naming folders, but memories of specific events get muddled at my age.

No rush; just a suggestion. Stay safe, stay well. :vulcan_salute:


Ill pass this on @sailaway

Sounds like a good idea!

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