Permanent file request link


I’m a Lifetime subscription user.
I would appreciate that a file request link be permanent (as opposed to [1 to 180 days] today).
For example, a 0 day duration would mean permanent…

Many thanks.

You can set your public link expiration date to never so that it doesn’t expire. You can also set a download cap, download restriction and an access password.

Sure you answer on my topic?
I know I can set-up permanent public links.
But I was speaking about “file request links”. They don’t appear to be set to permanent:
duration is mandatorily between 1 and 180 days.
I tried “0” guessing it could mean permanent, but no.


Apologies, thanks for the feedback. I’ll forward your feedback regarding “0” to our development team. In the meantime however if the recipient has an Icedrive account you may wish to try out our full collaboration features in which you can create a shared access folder for the recipient to upload to freely with our collaboration if you provide them with editor level access.