Payment methods (billing)

I’ve been a customer for a few years, not to say from the start. This weekend, my wallet was stolen and I suddenly realised that, 5 years after its launch, Icedrive only offers…
In a way, without a credit card, goodbye my cloud.
Why the choice to exclude Paypal, cryptos, etc in 2023?

Stripe is a merchant for accepting credit card payments. Why would you want to use PayPal :thinking: and as for crypto, that’s a different topic of conversation. Besides, I don’t understand why losing your wallet means you also lose access to your cloud? Or have I read & understand this post incorrectly :smiley:

Hey @yxelle,

When it comes to paying, you’ve got a couple of options. You can use either your debit or credit card. Plus, in select locations, we’ve now got Klarna as a payment option too!

Just a heads up, we’ve stopped accepting PayPal and crypto as payment methods for a while now, and we’re not planning to bring them back.

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A wise decision. :slight_smile:

I may kindly request a way to delete the credit or debit card info from your server, until next payment, to protect ourselves against any potential leaks. I am not doubting the security of Icedrive, but nothing is completely bullet proof.
Thank you!

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Greetings Dr Q :smiley: May I suggest when using any online payment service to create a virtual credit card for all your payments. I guess this is dependant on whether your bank allows it. If it does, that’s the way forward.
Have a blessed weekend.


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Yes, I have such. But some loved ones are not as good with technology.

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