Overwrite issue on Android

Hi IceDrive support,

I am using a x2 different 3rd party apps on Android but they cannot overwrite existing files in the cloud over WebDav, only copy and read them. It’s actually a Huawei Matepad. They are Foldersync Pro (automatic sync) and Solid Explorer (manual copy). Unfortunately I am forced to use a 3rd party app as your official Android app doesn’t offer folder syncing natively as the Windows app does. I didn’t necessarily want to use a 3rd party app.

Is this a known bug and is there any workaround?

Our implementation of WebDAV wasn’t designed to work in conjunction with mobile devices in this way so there isn’t a workaround currently unfortunately. However I will forward your feedback onto our development team for consideration in a future update.

Thanks for the reply. Can you also address my comments regarding the native app and sync folders being present in the Windows app but not in the Android app? Is this functionality not there for a reason? This would resolve my issue. My preference wasn’t to use a 3rd party app.

There aren’t any plans in the immediate future to implement a true sync feature to our mobile apps as we have the auto-upload feature however if the demand is sufficient it may be something we look to explore further in the future.

The auto upload feature only works with video and photos. How do I auto upload my documents that I work on?

Documents need to be uploaded manually via the + button on our mobile apps currently.

So there is no automated way via your app or 3rd party automated workaround for files to be uploaded
or synchronised currently? This really needs to be looked at. For Windows I’m very happy with ID but for Android basic features like this are not there and it sounds like they aren’t even on the roadmap.

Please can you provide clarity on this?

There aren’t any immediate plans to introduce this however if the demand is sufficient enough our development team will consider during our next development phase after the new drive mounted app is available.

As it’s a feature already existing in the Windows app, you should be gathering data on whether or not this is used by customers and should have a good idea already.

We do gather data on feature requests via feedback and customer engagement such as this and our development cycle is then influenced by our user’s priorities in future updates. Gathering data in the background of how our users utilise our services could potentially constitute a breach of security which is why we do not gather data in that way as our users’ data security and privacy is our top priority.

Where can I find the roadmap and this drive mounted app? Aggregated data presents no privacy issues and you can gather it server side, not client side.

If you’d like you can email support@icedrive.net as this email goes directly to a member of our development team who will be able to advise you further. Alternatively, you can submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and I would be more than happy to forward onto their team for you with any feedback and feature requests you may have.

Yes please. I think with the growing number of users on Smartphone and tablet platforms using Android, I think it would be good if Icedrive invested more dev on file and document management for Android devices.


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