Only photos/videos are uploaded NOT screenshots

Auto upload only looks at photos and videos but there are also screenshots under DCIM folder. Why not let user specify which media should be automatically uploaded, not just what you’ve hardcoded?

For instance, Pcloud offers a selection of media folders for me to select to upload, which is much more flexible. But I chose Icedrive, so please make auto uploads better.

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Freddy…I don’t use auto upload, but I’m sure it’s great. Maybe you don’t have the time, and I don’t know how many screenshots you generate, but it takes about one minute to convert a screenshot to another format, like .jpg, which would probably be recognized as a photo. Just a possible workaround while the team works on your suggestion?

Good thought! Alas, setting format to jpg makes no difference. The app only looks in Camera folder :roll_eyes:

Hey @Freddy thanks for the suggestion. I’ll pass your feedback onto our dev team for consideration in future updates.

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Time to knock my thinking cap off and don my dunce cap. :woman_facepalming:t3: I trust the dev team will come up with a solution.

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