Online Office 365 collaboration?

Icedrive is fantastic, and thanks for the new Icedrive community site!

However, for me, the icing on the cake would be online document editing. This would bring Icedrive into the same arena as Koofr, which enables documents to be created/edited via the browser. I also think it would also make Icedrive more attractive to Chromebook users.

I’d be interested to know what is the opinion on this?


I personally dont like the idea of Office 365 integration, Looking into it they would require the data uploaded to their servers which is a big no-no for us.

A better alternative would be a feature rich browser based document editor, similar to google docs (Which also uses encryption :slight_smile: ). It’s also possible to do the same for spreadsheets!

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We would make it compatible with the encryption for sure :slight_smile:

Doing that for making a new document and editing a document (Icedrive Docs format for example) will be a piece of cake

The issue lies with making it compatible with other formats like docx, pdf etc because it would need server side conversion (of the unencrypted file)

All google docs is, is a WYSIWYG html editor. for document compatibility it just converts to and from HTML formats :slight_smile:

Tend to disagree with the concept of editing files (via a web editor) within the encrypted area.
But for non-confidential, non-zero-knowledge data, it should be available, other cloud services are doing this, which is an attractive feature.

I believe @Piggy-Malone may be thinking if the documents are sent for processing to office 365, conversions etc. With a standard google docs style format it will be highly secure