Ongoing sync problems

Hi, I have my sync policy set to delete on the cloud, but they are not being deleted. In other words what’s on Icedrive does not correspond to what’s on my on my hard drive. Cannot understand what the problem is.

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Hey @dhoun if you’ve set your sync deletion policy to delete on cloud items it should delete the cloud item without automatic recovery. However, a common issue is that if you’ve set up your sync pair 1-way to local or cloud it may not delete depending on how you set up your sync pair. Another common issue is using an outdated version of our drive app. The latest version v2.72 can be found by going to the following link; Mounted Cloud Storage for Desktop & Laptop - Icedrive

I am getting more and more dissatisfied with Icedrive.
I am syncing a folder to Icedrive. Ok.
Now if I delete a file from that folder locally… after a few Minutes Icedrive puts it back. Where is the sense in that??
I can understand that it does not delete the same file on Icedrive if I set the policy to “do not delete”. But basically Icedrive this way kind of forbids me to delete my own files because it just restores them.
I really hope in v3 at least basic functionality works reliably.

The sync deletion policy is automatically set to ‘do not delete’ as a precautionary measure. If you set this to delete in your settings, you will be able to delete files from your sync pair and it will not automatically recover them.