Now downloads to iOS devices has stopped

Can’t download files anymore

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[Last night I needed some crucial files I’ve uploaded to IceDrive for work. I navigated to the cloud on my Iphone, selected the files, and tried to download them. Of 14 files, only ONE downloaded. The others never downloaded–there was no sign they were even being processed. Or I got an error message, “Could not download”. Now I’ve lost faith that the many, many, many days I spent uploading my files to IceDrive’s cloud will pay me back with access to my data when I need it. Very alarming. Problems with IceDrive, I’m sobered to admit, have kept compounding and now I regret buying a lifetime plan. What good is a cloud plan if I can’t get data up into the cloud anymore AND I can’t get my data already in the cloud back down to my machines? (rhetorical) I work over 60-hours a week. I don’t have the time to waste going back and forth with tech to figure out why IceDrive isn’t working. I need a storage system that reliably accepts my data and retrieves it for me again. Sadly, IceDrive no longer is this. Very expensive lesson to have learned.]

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I have a similar issue with the pict databasesynx… uninstalled the app 4 x now. reinstall set itup and it syncs once then no more updates

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