Not Seeing File Metadata in Idrive

File Details largely blank in Idrive. Am I doing something wrong?

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Hey @Earl welcome to the community! Are you referring to files you have upload to Icedrive or Idrive as the latter is a different cloud service to ours? If you’re referring to files you have uploaded to Icedrive, in the web app you can right click any file and go to properties where you see all the details to the file in question.

Oops, meant ICEDRIVE. Happy to say that the files (in my case, photos) backed-up to ICEDRIVE contain the File/Properties/Details, though you have to know how to view those details. If you are logged into your account online, you can only see the File Details if you download the file to your computer. Otherwise, you are allowed to see only a few General File Properties. If you are looking at the Icedrive that mimics a drive on your computer, the File Details tab for an individual file can be viewed, but is missing most of the information. However, if you copy or move that file elsewhere on your computer, the File/Properties/Details tab will show all the Details. Comes down to what the ICEDRIVE software allows you to see of the available file information.

Hi Chris, I am interested in editing image/photo metadata (EXIF) to add a description and tags. Is this something we will be able to do in the web app or PC version? I can add this under feature requests if it’s helpful.