Nickname instead of full name in client [Solved]

I registered for a free account. Right now my full name is in bold in the client for everybody to see. I don’t like that. Can I change this?

If I can’t, and want a paid subscription, should I register with another emailadress first to use a nickname? And could this be done with the same emailadress?

Thank you!

The client is not public as your account is unique to you when you login unless you’re logging into your client on a public computer. However, you can change/update your personal details via your account settings in the web app if you require. You can also change your email address as well if needs be.

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I don’t know what you mean by a public client.

I don’t use my cloud access on a public computer. However, I need to use my laptop regularly in a (semi) public environment, where I have no control over who can look at my screen. Not every passerby needs to see my full name. I get also into situations where there are people with let’s say certain problems (in institutions), which makes my aversion to this much stronger. My first name is then enough, or sometimes only my function.

I changed the first name and last name fields in the web app in account settings through “Update Personal Details,” but then only changed my name in the web app. In the Windows Client, my full name remains displayed large.

Please advise.

Problem solved, I had to log out and log in again. Bought Lifetime Pro! :+1:

Fantastic! If you ever have any queries or need anything regarding Icedrive please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either on the community, live chat or support ticket.