Newbie encryption issues, possibly


First time user of Icedrive, coming from iDrive. Set up the WEBdav backup on my Synology to upload a few folders to Icedrive, and while it took around 18 hours to upload everything, all seems to work. Didn’t realise it would delete the local files (my own fault I guess), but thought, hey no prob, will just download the uploaded folders. From the webpage, just right clicked the folders and downloaded them, easy right? Errm, no, every single file whether image, music, spreadsheet seemed corrupted.

Thought, aah, must be the encryption as I enabled it on the Webdav uploads. But how would you enter the passphrase on a downloaded zip file? Can’t I guess, so I downloaded the desktop app thinking that would work. Nope, there a’s nothing in the encrypted folder, but the uploaded folders are showing in root. But if they’re not in the encrypted folder does that mean they’re not encrypted? If so why is every file either corrupted or actually encrypted. Am struggling here now, as seems 150gb of data is corrupted. Am I doing something amateurish here, or being a complete idiot? Something seems amiss to me. Any help would be so gratefully appreciated.


Hey @BuzzMcWoof it’s not actually possible to upload to the encrypted section of Icedrive using our implementation of WebDAV. This would suggest that you’re using a third party encryption tool which we cannot control or advise on unfortunately.