New Guy with a Question About Transfer Failures

Hello. Just started yesterday with a Pro III Subscription. Using the desktop virtual drive. Have started uploading by copying folders to the Mounted Icedrive. in two days I have 187 GB uploaded and 1 TB to go.

Had a problem understanding the cache and recovering the disk space ( clearing cache didn’t fix it, but clearing the cache and rebooting did ).

Had a problem understanding upload speeds ( varying from 2 to 50 Mbps ) but infered that small files taking up sector space might explain the slowdowns here and there. My average upload speed is 45 Mbps.

Now the problem I have is five transfer failures. The “failed” files seem to have uploaded correctly. I can download them and they seem fine. So why did I get five “transfer failed” messages in the Desktop Dashboard under “Transfers” ?? I looked at the log file but with thousands of files uploaded each day it is hard to find anything and understand what it all means. Especially the “won’t overwrite” the file due to 1m timeout restriction. Why does it want to overwrite a file if it is already there?

What I would like is someone who understands transfer failure messages to tell me that the software retries the upload until it succeeds, and that my files are “there” and intact. In which case I should not worry about these “red” messages. Or should I worry?

Thanks !

Actually it is a Pro + Subscription. I am within the 14 days refund period, so if I cannot figure this out I will cancel my Subscription and try another cloud storage service. I like everything about Icedrive so far, except for these transfer failures.