New Darkmode on Dashboard

Just logged in on my PC and spotted my dashboard is now in a Dark Mode, not sure if it is intentional, but I’ll take it, much easier on the eyes.

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The latest webapp update included Dark Mode which is determined by your OS settings, you can see what else changed here: Changelog - Icedrive


I have commented in the past about the poor legibility of the screens - dark mode may be the solution but how do I change to it?

On the same lines, I found today I had to type a captcha to log in. Annoying, but much worse was that the captcha word itself was illegible - it took me six tries to find one I could (just) read.

If this is not changed it will become a show stopper, and I will have to look elsewhere for my cloud storage needs,

Capture adds an extra layer of security, i’ll take it.

Love this dark mode though!

I would take the security if I could read the captcha. But the letters are so obscured that I often cannot read all of them. Took four attempts to sign in today. And I still don’t know how to activate the dark mode (using Mozilla browser running under Linux Mint).

So - technically excellent but the user interface is almost unworkable.