My First Experience With IceDrive Was Buggy

I made an account and immediately downloaded Icedrive_Portable_Win_ia32.exe to try, because that feature interests me the most. Using the portable app, I make a folder and upload a text file to it.

In the Settings, I turn off “Use Icedrive Document Viewer” to test the editing with native apps and the automatic uploading of the changes.

With the first edit the file gets duplicated with “(2)” appended to the filename which is odd. Then for all subsequent edits the file name stays as “main(2).js” but I can see all the different versions. This will quickly become a mess.

When I look in the Web dashboard, the multiple versions are not visible.

I don’t want my first edit in the portable app to create a new file, and why are the different versions of the single file shown?

The portable app (version 1.3) feels buggy.

EDIT: I found out why the “main(2).js” appeared. The IceDrive Edits folder is not cleared when the portable app is quit. So when going back to edit the same file, when it is downloaded to that folder for editing it already exists, and Windows renames it. This needs to be resolved.

Screenshot 2022-10-31 094210

Hey @susan thanks for the feedback. We’ll make sure our dev team see this to investigate.

Thank you. I think the IceDrive portable app is a great idea and I hope it continues to be refined!

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