Multiple Computer Syncing/Backup


I’ve just created an account and looking to subscribe to one of the paid plans. I want to be able to backup more than one computer and a couple of phones. Do the plans allow this, subject to of course that the data is under the storage space of the plan?

I saw another discussion thread where syncing is recommended to capture new files and file changes. But there seems to be a maximum 5 sync folder pairs you can create. Is this limit on the account or per device (if more than one device is allowed)?

And finally, again if more than one device is allowed, will the storage be able to differentiate between the different device folders? For example, if I was looking for a file I can look it up from the folders of, say, Device 2 where I know it’s on that device?


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Hey @Benni037 welcome to the community!

There is no limit on the amount of devices you can have connected to Icedrive.

You can create a maximum of 15 sync pairs with a paid plan using our drive mounted app/desktop client for Windows.

When you mount the drive app a new window will appear with the designation I: which is a conduit to your cloud drive which mimics a local drive on your computer so you can easily drag and drop files/folders for upload to the cloud. Your local folders would still remain local to that device.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for confirming Chris

I’ve been playing around with the setup and I think I’ve got it to work how I like now. I’ve created a folder per device and pair the syncing to that folder depending on what device I’m configuring from.

Early days, but really liking IceDrive so far.

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