Mount drive write failures

I’m a new user since just a few days ago. I’ve been playing around with the service a little to figure out how it works and how I should use it, and after learning about the mount drive I’m loading some stuff into it. I’ve hit a couple snags so far, but most it’s a good experience!

Initially the local cache was defaulted to a temp directory under my user folder in windows, which is on the C: drive where I had about 70GB free, and I had set the cache to be 20GB. I attempted to write about 500GB of stuff from a separate drive into the new I: mount, however the cache quickly ballooned to fill the entire remaining space on my C: drive. When no more space was free on C:, the writes began to fail and windows reported that I needed additional space.

Afterwards, I moved the cache to a folder on that same other drive where I had 232GB free, and reattempted my write. However, as the items loaded into the mount, they consumed space in the cache, and when the cache’s space filled up the writes again began to fail, with Windows again telling me that I needed more space.

Having grown suspicious of the cache, I cleared it in the app and turned on the “Minimize local disk utilization” setting, in hopes that I could get around these limitations. My write is now continuing and it seems like there are no problems.

I like the idea of the cache but at present it seems as though older items are not being cleared out to make space for new ones, or perhaps at least not as part of a large write operation that itself is of greater size than the cache.

For what it’s worth, I’m on Windows 10 Pro 2022H2 19045.2251.

Thanks! Love this service so far.

Yes, the caching is completely broken, has to be.
Regardless of how much you preallocate, it still allocates extra when moving a lot of files and everything errors out because of ‘timeouts’, but timeouts shouldn’t be triggered on a file that is not in progress. How or why would you timeout indexing is confusing to me. Either the UI doesn’t match the internal process or something is not working as intended.

Just go and manually clear your temp folder, the location you can find in the app, because they don’t have cleanup there either once it’s broken like that.

@JimmyB any updates regarding cache/file progress? It’s been quite a while from the last update now.
I really want to like Icedrive, which is why i’ve stayed for a long time already, but now it seems that i’m constantly running into issues with it. WebDAV doesn’t seem to work very well with things like Kopia either, it worked once, then stopped working.

I’d at least appreciate to have one thing - WebDAV(or better) or the drive providing at least enough feedback to see whether my files were actually written or not. Is there perhaps an internal limit for amount of files? My main folder that I’m moving around constantly is around 3k files, which I tend to fully overwrite at the end of the day usually.
This is on Windows 10.