More tiers for users with huge space needed

Hi there!
For users that works with media files (hi there!), 2tb is really few, 5tb same, and even 10tb that you offer now as lifetime. At the moment I’m filling 14tb in other provider and increasing.
I would buy the 10tb one knowing that can be increased, but I’m pretty sure that it will stay like that.
So, offering more tiers would be great, or even paying per tb (or per 5tb tiers). Like using 20tb for 30€, or whatever. With the great things that you have, and also with a competitive price.


Hey @petaqui

We are going to completely restructure the plans soon

Also, its not difficult for us to create a custom plan on request, just contact us via email :slight_smile:


I did it… And got no answer for that :frowning: just about the plans that you already have

Thanks for starting this thread @petaqui

Regarding additional tiers.
I just sent an email about about a Black Friday deal for 1TB as I am thinking many people will be able to afford a lower storage something in the middle between 150GB and the 3TB.

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Agree with this, I would have jumped at a 1Tb deal. 150gb too little and 3gb too much for me.

Hi Jimmy! Any news on this? Have you talked about having more space available? Or being able to add more space to lifetime accounts

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