Mobile app folder synching

I would find useful if the mobile phone app would have an option to synchronise specific folders, as the desktop app does.


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Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly difficult, albeit impossible with google new security policies within android

Read more here:

We will look into it, but we are having to remove the “backup wizard” soon due to this change. Camera auto upload will be unaffected however

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The Icedrive Android app does display a prompt, but granting this permission does not resolve file access issues (such as the “Upload canceled” error when uploading). There’s nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

As for the Backup Wizard, it uses the MediaStore to discover and upload the files.
Granting the “MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” permission allows discovery, but not read access to all discovered files, thanks to the scoped storage and other recent security-related Android features.
For this reason, we will have to stop offering Backup Wizard on Android 10 and newer.

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Hello, maybe you can use this app

That’s the free version (have ads) but works, just use webdav, it worked for me in the past.

I can’t find the option to syncronyze over webdav in foldersynk. It only allows me to choose between internal storage and microSD / external usb…

You can add in the “Accounts Section”

Then that you have added it, you can make “folderPairs”, in the “Folderpairs” section

Perfect. Thank you. With your help I managed to set it up

You’re welcome :bear_icon: :slightly_smiling_face:
The app is good, i think.

Hi Sebastian,
Do you know if this syncing solution with webDAV will be secure?

I think that yes, I am not sure if it works with the zero-knowledge files, but with other yes.

Thanks for the tip. Sounds like it’s worth a look.