Media Player App

Any chance of getting a media player similar to PCloud? I use ice drive pretty much exclusively for music. It would be great to have a dedicated app

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Thanks for your request. We’re looking at improving and adding a number of features over the next few updates including looking at ways to improve our media players. Let us know if you have any suggestions in particular for how we can improve it.

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will keep this in mind, we are re-doing the media player at the moment :smiley:


love to hear it!
could you share some details of the features currently in the works?

number of suggestions/requests may i add:

  • commenting (add a comment with a timestamp, for collaboration)
  • audio waveform display (similar to soundcloud)
  • on IOS make the play interface/UX better (have more controls and icons, Dropbox has a nice mobile player on their app as a reference)

Commenting is all done aswell as extended collab features. We are just preparing to release it :slight_smile:

We are going to have a deep dive into iOS very soon too


Chain playing, playlist?
Also: chromecast support

At the moment we are aware of buffering and support issues with the android media player so we are focusing on it’s functionality at the moment

We have implemented an all new player in the internal beta which works much better :slight_smile: we will see about casting etc too, but this may be a feature for next time - The new player will be in the coming update :slight_smile: