May I know the actual path from search result?

In short, I suggest to add information in the search result, that shows the path of the file on the IceDrive. Now we only have limited information in the details.

For the reason:
I am trying to figure out why sometimes my NAS (using WebDAV) fails to locate files during backup

The NAS will give errors like below:
requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:

While using search tool from the IceDrive website, I could see several results, but in the file property I am unable to check where the file is actually located.

Also, while browsing through file manager, I could not locate (browse through path) the “0000000_0000000000000053.qdv” in my storage space either. This is also true while checking with the Windows Client, or perform search from the Windows Search/WebDAV clients.

It could be nice if the search result can provide the information of actual path, so I could do the diagnostics by myself.


YES! This would be a huge improvement.

I agree! It would be a big help. The icedrive search function is great to find a file, but I often need to know the location of the file in the search result.
It would be great to have the path added in the file information, or even better would be an option “Go to file location”.
Thanks for considering!