Maximum File Count for Sync Folders is way too low

I received the error “Remote folder no longer exists or is not accessible (Encrypted/MySyncFolderName). Unable to sync”

I submitted a ticket about the above error and I was told there was a maximum file count for sync tasks of 100,000. A month ago, I did not get this error. Is this a new limit?

Is there a plan to increase this limit? 100K files is ridiculously low for today’s computers, especially when someone like me is paying for 10TB of storage space!

To give you an idea of what I have on my end, the four sync folders with errors have the following file counts:

At the bare minimum, I would need 15 sync pairs to manage these four folders, and my folders are not optimized to do it with the minimal number of sync folders.

If this limitation has been around for a while, why was I not notified by the IceDrive software when my local folders exceeded the maximum file count before my first sync? I have been above 100K for each of the folders since before opening an IceDrive account.

A better limit these days would be at least 1,000,000 files. Or better yet, no limit.

Shawn Scoles


@PasadenaIce Hi and welcome to the community!

We have recently introduced a measure which limits any single sync pair to 100,000 synced items to ensure the efficiency of our sync network. We currently have an all new and better Sync application in development that will resolve these issues. We hope to release it in the near future.

I’ve often read about this new Sync application on this forum in the past months, on a lot of topics about problems I have as well with Icedrives Windows and Android clients. This synced items limit is an especially big hit for me, since I use sync to back up my work, which stopped working recently. I assume since this limit was introduced. At least the constantly high CPU usage from the Windows client is no more, but just disabling it to function is obviously not a solution.

So I guess my real question here is, can you give us some timeframe of the release of these new clients? And maybe in general more information about them? I don’t want development to slow down because of that, but I do need to know if the clients (especially the windows one) are getting reliable anytime soon, or if I have to update or maybe change my solution.


Hi there , I have the same issue. Is there an update on the rollout of the new sync app? or can you please let us know a timeline for the same?

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This whole forum is full of “this will be resolved in the next release” or “this is in development” or similar phrases. If all the issues reported are going to be resolved in the next release it will be a substantial rewrite of the application!

Some of the issues reported go back months and months.

With no timescales for release it does certainly in my mind question the credibility of what is actually in development. When is the release, next month, next quarter, next year, 2026?!

Why not fix issues one at a time and release smaller updates as we move forward, all the issues don’t need to be saved up for one massive change.

I hope I’m proved wrong but having been an IceDrive user for 6 months now and actively watching this forum I do have doubts and concerns as to when the next release will be made available.


I am having the same issue. Any suggestions?

Hello there , when are we getting the fix for the same , the issue was reported in feb and still its not resolved.

Icedrive Team, I don’t mean to be rude, but your paying customers can’t use your service properly due to a lack of transparency on your part and I’m starting to lose hope this issue will be resolved anytime soon.

As the original poster said, 100k files per folder is way too low a limit to use a multiple TBs storage cloud syncing service in any sort of serious manner. This kind of heavy limitation needs to be communicated in the plan info before blindsided users commit their time and money to your service! The very least you can do now is be honest and proactive about your intent to resolve the problem… This is very disappointing.

I also wanted to add that, according to the reply to my support ticket last May, the maximum number of sync pairs is 15. The example in the original post would easily max out 15 sync pairs if the folders were split up as is! So, working around the 100k file limit by breaking up large folders into multiple smaller ones isn’t a viable workaround for a lot of power users. Again, this is important information that cannot be found anywhere on the website.

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I am a new customer since yesterday. I see that this thread is almost a year old now. Does this file limit only affect the ‘sync’ function of the application? - meaning if I dragged a folder into the mounted drive - does the file limit not apply? This is very very disappointing not to have been been informed about this issue before purchase. It brings into question the integrity of your service.

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So what is the status on this ‘we’ll introduce a different sync method soon’? I sync a projects/ folder containing ~50 software projects and thus MANY MANY files. I purchased Icedrive to have a cloud backup of this. Used to work fine, but it hasn’t synced for months. If the above mentioned 100k files limitation is true than this is utterly ridiculous and terrible practice to implement it without notifying users about this feature breaking cough improvement /cough.


Hi Tom,

So it’s over a year now since your promise to solve the sync problems “in the near future”… and I still get the message “Remote folder no longer exists or is not accessible (Encrypted/MySyncFolderName ). Unable to sync”

All because of the limitations file count of a 100,000.

When will I be able to sync all my files in one go?

In the meantime I removed the syncs and resorted to only mounting icedrive as I: drive using their application and I started using some proper syncing software like SyncBackFree to sync as many files as I want.