Malwarebytes flagged outbound connection as malware!

Today as i was surfing the web on my browser, having Icedrive in the background syncing a folder, malware bytes kept warning me for different malware connections… I didn’t visit Icedrive site nor a malware site… I was on YouTube etc.
Whatever happened was in background from Icedrive…
Take a look please and if possible explain to me what’s happening?


Btw this user maybe had the same issue, but got no answer… Please explain what’s happening! Thanks in advance!

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I got the same thing today. I was uploading a file to the browser website when it occurred. It stopped the download from happening.

Might just be a false positive but would be interested in a response.

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As you see so far no response my friend!!!
I cancelled my subscription and got my money back… I don’t say that they are scammers or their services are filled with virus, but a lot of days have passed and no response… The linked post I have above from another user didn’t receive a reply either… Also the auto upload feature on android doesn’t work well and I needed, I didn’t see any updates on this either, so I got a refund to my lifetime subscription… This was the reason I left from too, no support at all, and at first the guys on ice drive won me with their quick replies, taking at most 1-2 days… But that was before my purchase of the lifetime subscription…